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Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said that to achieve energy saving targets, even sacrificing GDP growth

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao on September 13, 2010, attended the opening session of the Fourth Annual Meeting of the Summer Davos Forum, and participated the meeting with business representatives. At the meeting, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao answered the questions of President Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum and some entrepreneurs.

energy conservation & emission reduction

Some entrepreneurs asked that China earlier issued a series of policies and measures to achieve the goal of energy conservation. But in the first half of this year, the unit GDP energy consumption of China has not declined, even increased. It brings difficulty for China to achieve the targets of energy conservation and emission reduction of "Eleventh 5-year (2006 - 2010) Planning".

Ministry of Environmental Protection of China annouced new rules: listed companies to disclose environmental emergencies in 1 day (part 2)

this new rule on environmental protection on listed companies, will do something in eco-friendly and green. It will help to sustain the development of China economy sustainable. In the past several decades, the development of China economy is not sustainable, hurting the ecological environment, indirectly affecting the whole zoology and environment of the world. If this new rule of Ministry of Environmental Protection of China really works, that's good news to all of us, especially to Chinese. And China will get a better result for green development too.

environmental protection

However, one officer, who is in charge of environmental protection in China, said the new rule can't function well on environmental friendly. In one day the listed company where the occurrence of environmental emergencies exist, by objective factors, is almost impossible to release an interim environment report to the public. Environmental protection departments of each province in China, limited by the test equipment, can not detect some of the features of pollution during the unexpected environmental incidents too.

Ministry of Environmental Protection of China annouced new rules: listed companies to disclose environmental emergencies in 1 day (part 1)

Ministry of Environmental Protection of China announced yesterday (Sept 14, 2010) the draft of "Guide to Environmental Information Disclosure of Listed Companies" , to the public for comments. The draft stipulates that listed companies in heavy polluting industries should release the interim environment report within 1 day if sudden environmental incidents occur.

The new policy of Ministry of Environmental Protection of China, will involve 575 listed companies. That means the performance of about 1/3 listed companies in China will be affected.
environmental pollution

Analysts pointed out that the 1-day period will prevent the delays of disclosure of information in environmental incidents.

Ministry of Environmental Protection of China also requirements, listed companies in 16 categories in heavy polluting industries, including thermal power, steel, cement, electrolytic aluminum, coal, metallurgy, chemical, petrochemical, building materials, paper making, brewing, pharmaceutical, fermentation, textile, leather and mining,   should regularly disclosure of environmental information, publish annual environmental reports.

RMB 5 trillion yuan investment opportunities in new energy (green energy) in China

In the next 10 years, China will open the markets to attract foreign investment on green energy (renewable power, alternative energy). The cumulative increase in direct investment will be RMB 5 trillion yuan. The development of new energy (clean power, renewable power, alternative energy) industry, will enable significant acceleration of structural adjustment of domestic energy resources, also strategic transformation of more Central Enterprises.

Long-awaited "new energy development plan" will soon be settled. Recently, Jiang Bing said, who is The Secretary of the general office of National Energy Administration of China, new energy (green power, clean power, renewable power, alternative energy) development plan has been prepared and is ready to be reported in accordance with the procedures and approval.

Electric Vehicles sales up to nine million in 10 years

In the next two to three years, tens of thousands of electric vehicles (EVs) will appear in the streets of Europe, road of the United States and expressway of Asia. Analysts in the auto industry estimate that sales of electric vehicles (EVs) could reach 2 million within 10 years, or even 9 million.

Electric vehicles: electric vehicle

The Tesla electric sports car (TESLA Roadster) is the best in all electric sports cars. Only one charging time of Tesla electric sports car can drive up to 400 km. Most of other electric vehicles (EVs), with one charging time, can travel about 160 kilometers.

Automotive consulting firm JD Power said sales of electric vehicles (EVs) in 2020 will reach 2 million. And HSBC even have a more optimistic estimate of 9 million in 2020.

Strategic emerging industries in China will be supported by special funds

The list of seven new industries is decided, including:

1. Energy-saving & environmental protection industry:

The industries of technical, industrial equipment and services, which conserve resources and protect the environment.

2. High-end equipment manufacturing industry:

including high-speed rail technology in China

3. Bio-industries:

including bio- agriculture, bio-medicine

4. The new materials industry:

including nano-materials represented by the application of new materials

5. vehicles powered by new energy (renewable power):

including fuel cell cars, hybrid cars, hydrogen cars and solar powered cars, etc.

6. A new energy (renewable energy, green power) industry:

including solar energy, geothermal energy, wind energy, ocean energy, biomass

Credit Suisse forecasts low carbon economy will be included in 12th Five-Year Plan In China

The research report of Credit Suisse predicts that China's 12th 5-year (2011-2015) plan will make structural adjustments in three areas, including low carbon economy, green and sustainable development.

The research report of Credit Suisse forecasts that in the 12th Five-Year Plan of China, which will be published in next month, the focus of economic development planning will focus on how to become a more balanced income distribution, promoting urbanization and providing more public services, including the construction of more affordable housing, reduce carbon emissions and promote the green economy.


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