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Green & Eco-friendly in LinkedIn

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Green & Eco-friendly in LinkedIn

To promote green & eco-friendly in the world, to share and discuss with everyone who is interested in green and eco-friendly, we have build one group in LinkedIn:  Green & Eco-friendly.

At the moment, Lotfi M'Rad and I are co-ower and doing something on this group. There are several hundred members now for this green & eco-friendly group. But we hope more and more people can participate and join this group. Because Lotfi M'Rad and I, and almost every members of this group know, only if more and more people do something in their daily life for green & eco-friendly, our planet can be better.

So we sincerely hope you can join this group and share your thoughts on this matter!

Everyone of us can do something to make our earth green and eco-friendly! We can make a difference!

Your voice, opinion, and actions will mean something to our beautiful earth!

Let's do something together!

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