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Seeking volunteers in different countries to build the networks for Green & Eco-friendly

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Seeking volunteers in different countries to build the networks for Green & Eco-friendly

I have launched my blog on green & eco-friendly (the address is The blog is mainly for green power, renewable energy, alternative energy, solar energy, wind power, bioenergy, hydropower, biomass, biofuel, electric car, hybrid electric vehicle, geothermal power, eco-friendly business, sustainable development... I hope visitors can get some valuable information on my blog for these topics. I hope visitors to my blog will do something to be green and reduce carbon footprint in their daily life.

I hope more and more people will join me to promote this action, to be volunteers in your own countries to build the networks for Green & Eco-friendly. As volunteers, you can organize some events on green energy, eco-friendly issue. You can bring more and more people in your countries to lead a green & environmentally friendly life.

Yes. As volunteers, you won't get any payment from me. But through the events you launched, you will make people around to be aware of the importance of going green & eco-friendly for our earth. You will be pround for what you have done for the environment. And more and more people will know you because of your actions for green!

As volunteers, you need to build the networks for Green & Eco-friendly in your own countries. I will place what you have done on my blog occasionally.

Thanks if you are interested to be a volunteer. You can contact me at or visit my blog:

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  • quote 1.JamilAbdo
  • We are able to work as a volunteer in Brazil
    Michelle replied on 1/4/2011 9:31:50 AM

    That's good. Let's discuss more on this matter. Pls contact me with my email:
  • 1/2/2011 1:41:42 PM reply this comment

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