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90% enterprises of Lead-acid battery recycling industry in China are not qualified

It's said by one expert in China that in the industry of lead-acid batteries recycling, from the recycling to the dismantling, and then to the production of lead, each step is pollution! Much lead-acid battery recycling in China is illegal.

Statistics show that about 300 companies are engaged in the field of regenerated lead  in China (many of them are in the field of lead-acid battery recycling). But half of these companies are without legal operation, without legal documents from the government. The investment of these illegal companies are as low as RMB50,000.00 (about US$7,640.00) to RMB100,000.00 (about 15,267.00). More than half of China's lead contamination comes from these outdated lead-acid battery recycling enterprises. In fact 90 per cent enterprises in the industry of lead-acid battery recycling in China are not qualified.


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