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Massive Sunbelt Potential for Photovoltaics, especially in China (part 3)

Also, in China’s 12th Five Year Plan (2011-2015), the renewable energy (green energy, alternative power) sector has been earmarked as one of the 7 emerging strategic industries. China views the green economy as the growth engine of this century and the only way to bring China to prosper as a nation and tackle the key challenges of the 21st century.

Photovoltaics (PV) opportunity

Massive Sunbelt Potential for Photovoltaics, especially in China (part 2)

The European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA) says photovoltaics is winning and will win decisively in the game with conventional energy. In fact, the cost of a photovoltaic (PV) kilowatt hour has fallen drastically in the last decades. The EPIA study just shows the unlocked potential that could outshine conventional technologies.  But it's still a challenge for those countries in the sunbelt to delevop solar energy.

PV opportunity in sunbelt countries

The most ambitious one, a "paradigm shift",  would make China the dominant photovoltaic (PV) market in the next 20 years, generating 12% of its power with photovoltaic (PV). In combination with India, both countries could account for 69% of the overall Sunbelt potential.

Massive Sunbelt Potential for Photovoltaics, especially in China (part 1)

irradiation vs market size 92009), share in power demand and PV capacity

Photovoltaics (PV) is going to become a leading source of energy in the low-carbon future, with major growth potential in so-called "Sunbelt" regions around the equator, where about 1.5 billion people live without power today. This is not just a sustainable concept of green energy (renewanble energy), not just a concept of sustainable development, but makes business sense. If you are engaged in the field of solar energy, don't omit such facts.

solar photovoltaic (PV) industry will be adjusted in 2011 in China, overcapacity will accelerate the adjustment

On december 18, 2010, in the forum of the market of solar photovoltaic (PV) and equipment manufacturing of China, Shi Dinghuan, who is the director-general of Chinese Renewable Energy Society, said to many solar photovoltaic (PV) companies, that all solar photovoltaic (PV) companies need to adjust the business development strategy at the end of this year according to the market conditions.

In 2011 it's expected we should to consider the adjustment for solar photovoltaic (PV) products. After this year's rapid growth of the industry of solar photovoltaic (PV), overcapacity will exist sometimes next year (2011).
 solar pv industry in China

Beginners' guide to certifications of solar panel (Photovoltaic, PV): IEC 61215 / EN 61215 IEC 61215 Ed. 2

The IEC61215 covers the parameters which are responsible for the ageing of Photovoltaic (PV) modules. IEC61215 certification includes all forces of nature. The following forces of nature are included:

1. Sunlight including ultraviolet radiation.
2. Climate (changing of climate, coldness, warmth, humidity).
3. Mechanical load (hail, wind suction, wind pressure, snow parameters which are responsible for the ageing of Photovoltaic modules).

2400 Pa uniform load applies for the standard IEC 61215 certification.

But when you install solar panels in areas with heavy snow, an increased load capacity of 5400Pa is advisable! This uniform has been included in the IEC 61215 ed. 2. 

Beginners' guide to certifications of solar panel (Photovoltaic, PV): UL

In the US, without an UL certification, you are not allowed to connect solar panels (Photovoltaic, PV) to the electricity grid. And without the UL mark, you won't receive any government rebates & tax incentives on solar panels. Meanwhile, you won't receive coverage from your insurance after your house caught on fire.

But if you are in the field of an off-grid solar energy system, don't worry about this. Because you don’t apply for government rebates & tax incentives for the off-grid solar power system.


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