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Wind power industry of China facing challenge (part 3)

The industry may see an eruption of wind turbine quality problems as time progresses and currently the operation time of Chinese wind turbines are not long enough to test the quality, according to a research note by China Investment Consulting.

Meanwhile, like other Chinese-made products, it's unfortunate that a war on price seems to be going on in the domestic market of wind power (wind energy) in China. And as time progresses, the war on price is going on in the foreign market when China manufacturer of wind power turn to competite outside China.

One noticeable fact is that Chinese-made wind turbines cost much less than international brands. General Electric (GE) has successfully reduced its cost to about 4,500 yuan (about $670) for each kilowatt-hour (kwh) while Chinese manufacturers have lowered it to below 4,000 yuan (about $595).

Wind power industry of China facing challenge (part 2)

Moreover, because of several reasons, including the economical and technical ones, grid-connected capacity lags behind installed capacity by more than 30 percent, in comparison to the 10 percent gap in developed countries, undermining China's wind power efficiency and effectiveness.
wind power

"Despite the achievements in Chinese wind power industry, we have to face difficulties in equipment quality control, availability and power generation efficiency," said Li Junfeng, director of the Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association.

The biggest challenge for the ambitious industry players who hope to spread their wings overseas may be quality.

Wind power industry of China facing challenge (part 1)


For the first time, China's newly installed capacity of wind power has slowed down since 2005, when the industry started taking off.

wind turbines

Favorable government policies of China have helped the wind power industry to double the country's wind power capacity every year since 2005, as the government set a target to make renewable energy (green power, alternative power, clean energy) account for 10% of the country's energy consumption by 2010.

But unfortunately the ambitious target of China was not met, as hydro-power, solar energy and wind energy combined made up just 9 percent of the country's energy needs at the end of 2010

China has become a leader in the use of wind power (part 2)

Many foreign companies leading in this field of wind power have established manufacturing and research operations in China, such as Shanghai and other major cities. For example, Siemens from Germany has built a wind turbine blade production plant in Shanghai.
The figure of wind energy capacity,2007-2012, in China:
wind energy capacity,2007-2012, in China

The 177,000-square-meter manufacturing facility of Siemens in Shanghai will initially produce blades for the company's 2.3 megawatt and 3.6 MW wind turbines. Production capacity for the new facility is initially planned at 500 MW annually.

It's reported that wind power generates about 5% of the city's energy consumption. There are 21 wind farm stations being built that use wind turbines supplied by Shanghai Electric and more than 400 wind turbines units have been installed, of which 300 sets have been connected to the power grid.

China has become a leader in the use of wind power (part 1)

In fact, the development model of China was mostly criticized by the people who cares about environment and climate change in the world.
wind energy in China

Fortunately, China has played an important role in the development of renewable energy, such as solar energy, wind energy, bioenergy duiring these years. Much money are invested in the field of green energy. In the stock market of China, if some companies are said to have something with green energy, the stock of such companies will going up amazingly.

Bulgaria Chooses Wind Power

Bulgaria is dedicated to developing and managing energy generation from renewable sources at an international level, and is currently expanding their reliance on green or eco friendly power generation to meet the needs of the future. Recently Enel Green Power has commenced operation of its second wind park in Bulgaria in Shabla, a seaside resort area in northeastern Bulgaria. The new wind park project consists of seven turbines, each with a 3MW capacity, totaling an output of 21MW to the power service system.

With the new complex now fully operational, Green Power has doubled its operational capacity in Bulgaria to 42MW. Enel Green Power signed an agreement dating back to 2008 with Global Wind Power Bulgarian, a franchise of Danish Global Wind Power, for the acquisition of wind parks in Kamen Bryag and Shabla. Subsequently, the first wind park in Kamen Bryag was completed and began operations on October 5 2009. The facility, in the municipality of Kavarna, also has a total output capacity of 21MW.


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