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Top 10 Tips for a Green, Sustainable and Eco Friendly Christmas (part 3)

Be battery wise
Families can get through a lot of batteries, particularly at Christmas. Batteries contain toxic chemicals, don't biodegrade and are difficult to recycle. Instead use rechargeable ones.

Buy an organic turkey
10 million turkeys are eaten every Christmas. If you can, try to make sure it has been reared in humane conditions. Organic turkeys taste better too. Try to buy your Christmas food locally, shopping at farmers markets or buying direct from the farmer is far cheaper than buying organic in the supermarket. Think of the benefits – the taste of chemical-free food, the reduction in food miles and CO2 emissions, and reduced dependence on oil. Buying locally produced food also boosts rural jobs.

Top 10 Tips for a Green, Sustainable and Eco Friendly Christmas (part 2)

Paraffin candles are made from petroleum residues so neither do your health or the environment any good. Soy, beeswax or natural vegetable-based candles are better because they biodegrade, are smoke-free, and so more eco friendly.

Deck the halls with real holly
Instead of spending money on artificial Christmas decorations that won’t biodegrade, let nature decorate your home. House decorations can be made from organic, recycled and scrap materials. Try popcorn, dough, cinnamon sticks, bows, gingerbread, holly, seasonal berries, ivy and evergreen branches – once you have finished with them, you can put them in the composter.

Top 10 Tips for a Green, Sustainable and Eco Friendly Christmas (part 1)

Here are top 10 Green Christmas tips that will help you to save money, reduce your Christmas carbon footprint and have a more eco friendly and sustainable noel.
Green, Sustainable and Eco Friendly Christmas

Don't forget to turn off your fairy lights
Fifteen per cent of household electricity is wasted by leaving TVs, Hi-fi's and other appliances on standby – costing each of us an average of £37 per year – Make sure you turn things off when your’re not using them. In general lighting accounts for 15% of household electricity, and Christmas tree lights left on for 10 hours a day over the 12 days of Christmas produce enough carbon dioxide to inflate 12 balloons – so make sure you get energy saving light bulbs for your house, and at Xmas, try some solar powered fairy lights for some winter sparkle without adding to your carbon footprint.

Christmas cards

Vast eco-friendly business opportunity in The Pearl River Delta, China (part 3)

According to the recently published research report of United Nations, China needs to master 62 pieces of key know-how and universal technology in order to achieve effective control of pollutant emission and energy-saving emission reduction goal in the next decades. But in fact the key technology that China currently has mastered is only 30%.
The Pearl River Delta, China:

The Pearl River Delta, China

Vast eco-friendly business opportunity in The Pearl River Delta, China (part 2)

From 2009 to 2020, Guangdong Province planned to invest about RMB 197 billion yuan (about US$30 billion) in the infrastructure project on environmentally friendly. This will bring the additional business for the market of eco-friendly in the area of Pearl River Delta, China.

It is worthy to keep in mind that the enterprises in the Pearl River Delta, China just asked the companies, who provide the services and products of environmentally friendly, to install the individual environmental protection equipment.

Vast eco-friendly business opportunity in The Pearl River Delta, China (part 1)

The Government of Guangdong, China also has set up the direction of economic development in the next 10 years for the Pearl River Delta, which is the development of green and low-carbon economy. By the way, the Pearl River Delta (Guangdong Province) is the most flourishing area of economy development in China.

the image of Pearl River Delta, China:
Pearl River Delta, China

To promote the environmental protection, Guangdong Province plan to implement the stricter pollutant discharge standard in the future in the Pearl River Delta in the future on the heavy pollution industries.


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