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heavy-metal pollution: China's Cadmium Rice (part 2)

It was just 10 per cent of the samples collected in one survey that were tainted. So it's absolutely wrong to conclude that 10 per cent of the rice sold on the market is contaminated with cadmium. And agricultural experts in China said the pollution is confined to particular regions and there is no call for public panic.
China's Cadmium Rice

Anyway, the pollutions of heavy metals contaminating rice in China aroused strong reactions at domestic residents and abroad. Because tf these Cadmium-tainted rice is consumed, it absolutely could damage a person's kidneys and cause renal failure. And currently China has no laws to prevent the harvesting of rice from fields which are polluted by cadmium. 

heavy-metal pollution: China's Cadmium Rice (part 1)

Some accidents of China's Cadmium Rice:
Cadmium-tainted rice in China

As one of file heavy-metals which caused the pollution, Cadmium polluted the rice in China. Rice is more important to China, a sensitive staple in China. Because China produces and consumes more rice than any other country, and grows nearly 200 million tons of rice a year. It was wrongly reported that about 10% of the rice on sale in China is contaminated with cadmium. If 10% of that total rice in China is contaminated with cadmium, then roughly 20 million tons may be tainted. Is that really true?

Chemical pollution of the Yangtze River Delta region, China will move into the period of high frequency (part 2)

The chemical plants in the Yangtze River Delta region, China perfer to have their plants, including the production line near the water. This situation is a threat to the entire Yangtze River basin. In fact most of the chemical plants in China prefer to locate near the river or the laker. When the chemical accidents happen, the people around the area, or the related people utilizing the water are threatened.  In the past several years, this chemical accidents happened!

chemical plants near the river

Chemical pollution of the Yangtze River Delta region, China will move into the period of high frequency (part 1)

Small chemical industry in Yangtze River Delta region, China plays a major role in the development of its chemical industry. Its model of "township chemical industry" was promoted across the nation of China. However, due to a lack of continuity planning, fragmentation in different cities is very serious. Thus more and more "chemical towns" in Yangtze River Delta region, China is now entering the outbreak period of the social grievances.

chemical pollution in China


"This is only the beginning of our contribution to Balance the Problems brought by Global Warming and preserve our Planet where we give every individual the best Environment Living Conditions in the best way we can offer in this sincere effort and self-initiative to lead the world in a simple way that we can afford." confided Founder and Chairman Nestor C. Buenaflor.

Photobioreactors Type 1

"Once we have completed very soon this year the concrete establishment of our Supply-Chain Infrastructure then we can count that in the next 6 months to one year there will be a dramatic drop in Atmospheric Pollution and also the start of introduction of BIO-PLASTICS made human accessories like Electronic Gadgets, Home Appliances, Building Materials, Entertainment Products, Vehicles Spare Parts, and so many other applications. The Distribution of Bio-Gasoline, Bio-Diesel, Bio-Kerosene, Bio-Jet Fuel, LBG (Cleaner Alternative to LPG) and other BIO-FUELS Products we have will give a new statistical implications on our Atmospheric Pollution status and hopefully we will experience good weather patterns very soon,"added Nestor C. Buenaflor.


Microalgae biomass grow photobioreactors Type 1

These Renewable Technologies are part of the “Acquisition Agreement” that EURO-PACIFIC FUELS TECH CORPORATION has just “SIGNED” with its European Cooperation Partners involving Scientists who are experts in this field, including Bio-Chemistry and Bio-Physics Inventions where BIO-PLASTICS in several specifications are also one of its Pro-Environment Products that is ready for market distribution.

The Acquisitions allowed EURO-PACIFIC FUELS TECH CORPORATION to own 75% Stake of the 2 European Companies based in Iceland and in Ukraine. Strategic Building of Distribution Infrastructure is now under establishments by EURO-PACIFIC FUELS TECH CORPORATION in order to create a very seamless structure of its SUPPLY-CHAIN MANAGEMENT INFRASTRUCTURE.


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