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Green & Eco-friendly in LinkedIn

To promote green & eco-friendly in the world, to share and discuss with everyone who is interested in green and eco-friendly, we have build one group in LinkedIn:  Green & Eco-friendly.

At the moment, Lotfi M'Rad and I are co-ower and doing something on this group. There are several hundred members now for this green & eco-friendly group. But we hope more and more people can participate and join this group. Because Lotfi M'Rad and I, and almost every members of this group know, only if more and more people do something in their daily life for green & eco-friendly, our planet can be better.

So we sincerely hope you can join this group and share your thoughts on this matter!

Research into batteries will give electric cars the same range as petrol cars

i-air batteries are a promising opportunity for electric cars. "If we succeed in developing this technology, we are facing the ultimate breakthrough for electric cars, because in practice, the energy density of Li-air batteries will be comparable to that of petrol and diesel, if you take into account that a combustion engine only has an efficiency of around 30 percent," says Tejs Vegge, senior scientist in the Materials Research Division at Risø DTU.

The safety costs of nuclear power station are rising

60% of the capital costs of building for any nuclear power plants is related with nuclear safety, radiation protection and eco-friendly. And 25% - 40% of the costs of Nuclear Power Plant is used on eco-friendly issues.

Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant is the first commercial nuclear power plant in the 60s of last century. Its design and safety standards fully meet the requirements at the time. But it's also limited by the level of technology and industry restrictions at that time.

There is always room for improving the safety of nuclear power plants if the investment is enough. The only question is economical or not. Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant adopted the boiling water reactors, which were designed by General Electric (GE) in the 60s of last century. This kind of boiling water reactor is simple, stable, with low cost. But the security is not high after the accident.

United Nations Environment Program (UNEP): China will be the world's largest country for the eco-friendly industry

These 7 industries, which is planned as China's economic pillar, include: new materials, new energy (green power, alternative energy), alternative energy automotive industry, energy saving and eco-friendly, new generation of information technology, biotechnology, high-end equipment manufacturing industry.

The market of energy saving & eco-friendly in China will be US$681.82 billion (RMB4.5 trillion) in 2015


Luo Jianhua, who is the general secretary of China Environment Service Industry Association, estimates that in China in 2015, the investment of construction and operation on sewage, solid waste, desulfurization and denitrification, will be about US$75.76 billion (RMB 500.00 billion) respectively. The scale of waste incineration will reach 150 thousand tons per day. The capacity of new sewage treatment will reach 90 million tons per day. The sludge disposal capacity will reach 47,000 tons per day. The network of the new sewage pipe is expected to reach 200,000 km. The power of new tobacco gas desulfurization and denitrification capacity will be 180 million kilowatts.

Vast eco-friendly business opportunity in The Pearl River Delta, China (part 3)

According to the recently published research report of United Nations, China needs to master 62 pieces of key know-how and universal technology in order to achieve effective control of pollutant emission and energy-saving emission reduction goal in the next decades. But in fact the key technology that China currently has mastered is only 30%.
The Pearl River Delta, China:

The Pearl River Delta, China


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