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Research into batteries will give electric cars the same range as petrol cars

i-air batteries are a promising opportunity for electric cars. "If we succeed in developing this technology, we are facing the ultimate breakthrough for electric cars, because in practice, the energy density of Li-air batteries will be comparable to that of petrol and diesel, if you take into account that a combustion engine only has an efficiency of around 30 percent," says Tejs Vegge, senior scientist in the Materials Research Division at Risø DTU.

Experts agree: lithium-ion will power EVs for a while

Automotive and battery-industry experts, citing a lack of alternatives, said lithium-ion will be the dominant electric-vehicle battery technology for at least another 15 years.

"We now have lithium-ion and, if you look at the lead times for introducing new technology, I don’t think there will be a new technology for a while," said Uwe Likar, manager advanced engineering planning at Mitsubishi Motor.

Added Jerome Perrin, r&d director at French automaker Renault: "We’ll have lithium ion for another 20 years."

When it comes to recycling, humanity needs to think big

When someone asks you to think about 'what can we recycle?' you may come up with many answers straight away. Plastic bags, cans, paper, different types of plastic; there are so many things that we are reminded to recycle every day. The facilities for them are slowly improving year by year. In the UK, several major supermarkets now charge a nominal amount for plastic bags in order to get customers to consider if they need them, and a lot of local areas have set up specific household and community recycling bins. Yet, considering how technology is advancing in terms of what we can recycle, we need to broaden our minds a bit more to make that a reality. Why only keep to the little things when modern technology gives us the capability to think so much bigger?


Recently the methods of recycling have expanded to include more modern technology. For example, mobile phones are now commonly recycled, with several companies offering cash in exchange for them. Ink cartridges can be recycled or refilled, cutting down dramatically on the waste from printers.


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