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more than one thousand heavy metals polluting enterprises are shut in the past two years in China (part 2)

If any enterprises fail to meet requirements of environmental protection on heavy metal, the production will be suspended for rectification, even the enterprises will be totally closed.
heavy metal pollution 

And if any heavy metal pollution incident happens, the related local government will shuffer the administrative punishment, such as regional restrictions, interviews and  responsibility investigation. 

All these policies and meansurements are expected to cease the serious trend of heavy metal pollution incidents. And in fact, China will spend 75 billion yuan ($11.15 billion) to curb heavy metal pollution in five years from 2011. 

more than one thousand heavy metals polluting enterprises are shut in the past two years in China (part 1)

The vice minister of Ministry of Environmental Protection, Wu Xiaoqing pointed out that in recent years, more than one thousand enterprises which cause  heavy metal pollution are closed in China.

He said that the heavy metal pollution incidents in China in recent years occurred in succession. These are serious threats to the people's physical and mental health. These pollution incidents also affect the social stability. 

Thus China feel serious on this issue, and released a series of policy measures in order to the comprehensive improvement of heavy metal pollution. Ministry of environmental protection has continuous carried out special actions to focus on environmental protection, cracking down on metal illegal enterprise for three years. 

China's Hydropower Push in the 12th Five-Year Program period (2011-2015) (part 5)

Environmental protection organizations and problems involving population displacement are the main two obstacles to the development of hydropower (Hydroelectric power generation). For example, one hydroelectric power generation station in Nujiang has been a center of controversy since 2003, and had to stop operations.

Approval for large hydropower projects had to come from State Council departments which are responsible for investment, not just Chinese local governments from 2007 on.

China's Hydropower Push in the 12th Five-Year Program period (2011-2015) (part 3)

It's also said that hydropower (hydroelectric power generation) presents an ideal project for western China and other undeveloped areas in China, and a fitting goal for regional development. Combined with preferential policies for the western areas included in the 12th Five-year Plan (2011 - 2015), the western China is expected to experience an economic boom.

Tibet's Zangmu Dam, which was built for hydroelectric power production, was completed on November 12, 2010. Chinese experts anticipate Qinghai and Tibet provinces to be primary sites of hydroelectric development in the future. A Qinghai Province official has confirmed that the Chinese central government has promised opportunities for local hydroelectric development.

Vast eco-friendly business opportunity in The Pearl River Delta, China (part 2)

From 2009 to 2020, Guangdong Province planned to invest about RMB 197 billion yuan (about US$30 billion) in the infrastructure project on environmentally friendly. This will bring the additional business for the market of eco-friendly in the area of Pearl River Delta, China.

It is worthy to keep in mind that the enterprises in the Pearl River Delta, China just asked the companies, who provide the services and products of environmentally friendly, to install the individual environmental protection equipment.

Ministry of Environmental Protection of China annouced new rules: listed companies to disclose environmental emergencies in 1 day (part 2)

this new rule on environmental protection on listed companies, will do something in eco-friendly and green. It will help to sustain the development of China economy sustainable. In the past several decades, the development of China economy is not sustainable, hurting the ecological environment, indirectly affecting the whole zoology and environment of the world. If this new rule of Ministry of Environmental Protection of China really works, that's good news to all of us, especially to Chinese. And China will get a better result for green development too.

environmental protection

However, one officer, who is in charge of environmental protection in China, said the new rule can't function well on environmental friendly. In one day the listed company where the occurrence of environmental emergencies exist, by objective factors, is almost impossible to release an interim environment report to the public. Environmental protection departments of each province in China, limited by the test equipment, can not detect some of the features of pollution during the unexpected environmental incidents too.


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