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more than one thousand heavy metals polluting enterprises are shut in the past two years in China (part 2)

If any enterprises fail to meet requirements of environmental protection on heavy metal, the production will be suspended for rectification, even the enterprises will be totally closed.
heavy metal pollution 

And if any heavy metal pollution incident happens, the related local government will shuffer the administrative punishment, such as regional restrictions, interviews and  responsibility investigation. 

All these policies and meansurements are expected to cease the serious trend of heavy metal pollution incidents. And in fact, China will spend 75 billion yuan ($11.15 billion) to curb heavy metal pollution in five years from 2011. 

more than one thousand heavy metals polluting enterprises are shut in the past two years in China (part 1)

The vice minister of Ministry of Environmental Protection, Wu Xiaoqing pointed out that in recent years, more than one thousand enterprises which cause  heavy metal pollution are closed in China.

He said that the heavy metal pollution incidents in China in recent years occurred in succession. These are serious threats to the people's physical and mental health. These pollution incidents also affect the social stability. 

Thus China feel serious on this issue, and released a series of policy measures in order to the comprehensive improvement of heavy metal pollution. Ministry of environmental protection has continuous carried out special actions to focus on environmental protection, cracking down on metal illegal enterprise for three years. 

90% enterprises of Lead-acid battery recycling industry in China are not qualified

It's said by one expert in China that in the industry of lead-acid batteries recycling, from the recycling to the dismantling, and then to the production of lead, each step is pollution! Much lead-acid battery recycling in China is illegal.

Statistics show that about 300 companies are engaged in the field of regenerated lead  in China (many of them are in the field of lead-acid battery recycling). But half of these companies are without legal operation, without legal documents from the government. The investment of these illegal companies are as low as RMB50,000.00 (about US$7,640.00) to RMB100,000.00 (about 15,267.00). More than half of China's lead contamination comes from these outdated lead-acid battery recycling enterprises. In fact 90 per cent enterprises in the industry of lead-acid battery recycling in China are not qualified.

China's Hydropower Push in the 12th Five-Year Program period (2011-2015) (part 6)

Another source of resistance of the hydropower developmen comes from population displacement. In the past, half of hydropower development costs were incurred due to the displacement of residents, and many displaced migrants return after development begins. Construction costs for a hydropower plant is 40 percent higher than a fossil fuel power plant, resulting the concerns on the worth of hydropower. The most remarkable exmaple is Three Gorges hydro project too.

But for Chinese local governments, hydroelectric development is a way to displace impoverished populations and reduce a county's financial burden.

China to accelerate building new hydropower projects in the 12th Five-Year Program period (2011-2015) (part 1)

China's water power generation should double in 10 years to come to substitute for about 400 million tons of standard coal in energy consumption in order to reach the target of raising the share of non-fossil energy in primary energy consumption to 15% by 2020.
hydropower in China

As one source of green energy (renewable power), hydropower is the major force for China to ensure the fulfillment of its goals for saving energy and cutting pollution emission.

heavy-metal pollution: China's Cadmium Rice (part 2)

It was just 10 per cent of the samples collected in one survey that were tainted. So it's absolutely wrong to conclude that 10 per cent of the rice sold on the market is contaminated with cadmium. And agricultural experts in China said the pollution is confined to particular regions and there is no call for public panic.
China's Cadmium Rice

Anyway, the pollutions of heavy metals contaminating rice in China aroused strong reactions at domestic residents and abroad. Because tf these Cadmium-tainted rice is consumed, it absolutely could damage a person's kidneys and cause renal failure. And currently China has no laws to prevent the harvesting of rice from fields which are polluted by cadmium. 


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